Reasons to Date a Single Doctor

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I'm dating a doctor. A lot of people say I'm really lucky and some girls are even jealous of me. I am always proud of him and I can always brag about him to people. The only thing that sucks is that he's always busy working.

There's a lot of girls who want to date a dr. At the same time, male single doctors prefer someone from outside medical field. Now let's discuss the reasons to date a single doctor.

1. Doctors are rich

We love someone not because he is rich, but if you love him, he loves you, and he is rich, it is even more perfect.

2. Doctors are smart.

You’ll never want for stimulating conversation again. You’ll also be a dab hand at the doctor “lingo” before you know it!

3. Doctors are hard to gross out.

The less said about that the better!

4. Doctors are problem solvers.

It’s their job to get to the bottom of things and to fix problems, and these disciplines stretch beyond medicine.

5. Doctors are medically trained.

When you’re together you’ll always be with someone who has a cool head in an emergency. Though don’t expect 24-hour medical care when they’re off duty!

6. Doctors are busy.

While the long hours can be tough, it does give you plenty of time to yourself. This can let you follow your passions in your own time, or pursue your own demanding career.

7. Doctors know how to listen.

It’s part of any doctor’s job to pay attention and to be empathetic, not to mention that anyone getting into medicine is more likely to be compassionate by nature anyway.

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